Supervisor Directory

This directory of trained clinical supervisors includes professionals who have successfully completed the Advanced Training Course in Professional Supervision and are available to consult as supervisors. Please contact those listed directly to find out more about their supervision services.

Sharon Andrews Counsellors, mental health professionals 08 93871595/ 0433157947
Sally Beasley Mediation and family dispute resolution
0419 820 802
Dawn Bessarab (Assoc Prof) Indigenous cultural supervision, social work practice and counselling, managing indigenous staff. 9266 1890 / 0406 453159
Lyn Cannon Counselling, human services, pastoral care, chaplaincy  (South-West WA 0429 876 525
Paul Cannon (Rev) Pastoral and clergy
(South-West WA)
0408 929 832
John Clapton (Rev'd) Religious practitioners as well as practitioners and managers in human services area.  Also available for spiritual direction 0408 957 997
Christine Cohen (Rev) Counselling, psychotherapy, human services, pastoral care, chaplaincy, ministry. (Individual and group supervision). 0417 909546
Heather Deighan Counselling, psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, constellation method, pastoral care, corporate and NGO staff. 0448 004 022
Maggie Down Counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health OTs; group supervision for counselling agencies; supervision for supervisors. 9433 3113
Douja Elhajj Mediation 0423 826222
Sue Etheridge Counsellors, psychotherapists, health care professionals such as nurses and doctors, and other workers in the helping professions 0410 414 158
Gail Falconer School and hospital chaplains, pastoral care workers and clergy. 0417 925537
Lorna Green (Rev) Pastoral ministry 0417 986361
Kumari Hansen Psychotherapy, social work 0431 966168
Susanna Howlett Counselling, psychotherapy, mental health occupational therapy, pastoral care, management reflection, workplace dynamics. 0411 098454
Janet Irwin Mental health and addiction practitioners; nursing. 0416 925596
Lyn Johnson Counselling, couples therapy, pastoral counselling, management reflection, organisational dynamics. (South-West WA) 0409 107925
Julie Lake Social work (adult and children’s services), mental health, mediation, advocacy, criminal justice.
Available by phone or Skype for remote areas.
0456 318 173
Leanne Lange Psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, community service agency staff 0499 447 179
Jackie Lewis Arts therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, health professionals and students in the metro area, and by Skype or telephone to regional and remote areas 0428 504 436
Cate Litjens Counsellors, social workers, health professionals, community service agency staff 0468 733 764
Susan Mason (PhD) Psychotherapy, counselling, art therapy, indigenous and cross-cultural workers. 0439 974753
Keren Masters Counsellors 0407 711776
Marion Millin (Rev) Pastoral 0417 175 653
Dina-Marie Mitchell Counsellors 0438 297903
Julie Morriss Counsellors and mental health practitioners, including occupational therapists 0452 492 872
Christine Novatsis Mediation and family dispute resolution. 0411 484491
Amber Roche Counselling, pychotherapy, community service agency staff 0419 487892
Cherie Seabrook Psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, community service agency staff. 0417 902574
Reg Smith Counselling, therapy 0422 027377
Lydia Sterry Professionals such as doctors, nurses, midwives, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers. 0421 540798
Yvette Strawbridge Health professionals, counsellors, psychotherapists, mental health practitioners, family dispute practitioners, mediators. 0400 041806
Brian Thorpe (Rev) Pastoral and clergy 0417 934342
Susan Thorpe-Gudgeon (Rev) Pastoral care; lay, student and ordained ministry; chaplaincy. 0403 996627
Despina Weston (PhD) Psychotherapy, counselling and art therapy 9574 4328 / 0435 121 058
Woody Wolf Counsellors, social workers, practitioners working with offenders, including sex offenders. 9487 6130


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